4 reasons to connect to LOB applications with OnBase

On average, organizations manage 48 line-of-business (LOB) applications. A quarter of them juggle more than 100 applications. That’s a nightmare scenario for a CIO.

By integrating these LOB applications with an enterprise content management (ECM) system such as OnBase, organizations transform the way information is managed and processed.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Digitize manual, paper-based processes: ECM captures your documentation no matter what format it arrives in and organizes it within a single, central location. It then automates key business processes, synchronizing information managed by the system in real time with tasks and activities initiated by other mission-critical LOB systems. That way, users work in the LOB systems they’re most familiar with while accessing critical documents and supporting materials without having to flip back and forth between screens and systems.
  2. Guarantee real-time data exchange between systems: Guaranteed data exchanges are orchestrated by dedicated servers within the ECM solution, removing the need for integration through custom code, APIs and flat-file exchanges. A hallmark of ECM, guaranteed delivery provides resiliency against disruptions such as network connectivity failures or even server overloads. It is also far superior to flat-file exchanges or custom-developed integrations, as it ensures the delivery of data even when one of the applications is down for a period of time.
  3. Provide an intuitive integration-building environment: An ECM solution should support an environment that allows business users or IT personnel to intuitively and quickly establish a connection between it and the LOB applications without custom programming. The ECM vendor should also update its solution regularly to make sure it continues to integrate with the latest technology, making your IT investments future-proof.
  4. Improve productivity while lowering its costs: By leveraging ECM as an enterprise information hub, companies ensure users have access to the most accurate and current data. The ability to work within a specific business process boosts user productivity while creating a more natural and less disruptive path to effective decision-making.

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