How enterprise content management increases productivity in admissions processes

Optimize admissions processes to maximize resources

All too often, one of the greatest resources any enrollment office has – its staff – is stifled by low-value, time intensive tasks. Many of these stem from paper-based filing and other manual processes. That way, staff time is consumed by the wrong kind of work, creating more work for each staff member to do.


In the past, many institutions have improved processing speed primarily through increasing head count. While temporary staff may help at peak processing times, the practice doesn’t offer a viable, long-term solution. Instead, schools must find ways to improve process efficiency so they can handle increased volume with the same number of staff and in less time.


Remove the paper-based manual processes to increase efficiency

Moving from paper-based application processing to automated, electronic processing positions an institution to absorb the annual wave of incoming applications. By scanning supporting documents as they arrive, adding them to an electronic file and managing the review and decision process in an electronic, automated fashion, institutions speed the process. Integrating a document and process management solution with the SIS brings even greater speed and accuracy by allowing updates to the document checklist in the SIS to occur automatically and in real time.


By thinking like a business – addressing the process inefficiencies that impede rapid and accurate decision making – enrollment management professionals will be well prepared to provide their institutions with a noticeable advantage in an increasingly competitive market for students. To do so, admissions offices must embrace the technology enhancements that support process automation. At a time when competition for best-fit students is at an all-time high, managing application volumes well gives an institution a significant jumpstart

on the competition.


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