Tying systems, people and processes together to drive transparency using OnBase

Though the financial services market is rebounding, it’s still forcing banks to evaluate their processes so they can comply with evolving regulations. That’s a daunting task, especially with the need to drive revenue and service levels at the same time.

That’s where transparency helps.

When you’re able to access real-time information and processes – from wherever you are, by almost any mobile device – you make more informed decisions. And you can easily share information internally and externally. After all, transparency is much more than a buzzword.

Follow these steps to get the connection you can bank on:

  • Connecting systems to increase communication and share information. Many banks are using enterprise content management (ECM) to integrate with their important systems. Working behind the scenes, ECM gives your systems the ability to share information and make documents available in the business applications employees use every day. By keeping users in familiar environments like Microsoft Outlook, they avoid the need to log in and out of different systems, creating greater productivity. Employees immediately find the documentation they need, when they need it.
  • Connecting people to keep everyone in the loop. While your bank may never get rid of paper entirely, it can electronically capture the information on that paper — or any other format like emails or faxes — priming it for the workflow process. Once the information is stored electronically in an ECM solution, employees quickly access it.
  • Connecting processes to share current information. Automated workflows aren’t just a way to push documents through processes, they also connect and streamline those processes. Workflows do so by using a framework of consistent rules that efficiently route electronic documents without manual intervention. By presenting users with all related documents simultaneously, workflows facilitate business transactions and bridge the gaps in your processes. So instead of searching file cabinets, looking through emails or waiting for documents, employees are connected to what they need.
  • Tying everything together to optimize the enterprise. With ECM and workflows powering your processes from behind the scenes, you:
    • Get help complying with developing regulations
    • Have time to identify new sources of revenue
    •  Enhance service levels

By integrating systems, bottlenecks are eliminated and work continues to move forward – automatically. Increasing the speed, accuracy and visibility of your bank’s processes provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace because your employees are empowered to focus on customers. That makes your bank the easy choice.

And that’s the most important connection of all.

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