OnBase Integration for Guidewire InsuranceSuite

Simplify claims, underwriting and billing processes

Insurance companies, managed general agents and third party administrators use OnBase to create competitive advantage through streamlined processes, reduced costs, increased internal controls, audit assistance and improved customer service. OnBase enables insurance organizations to improve productivity levels by addressing specific document needs within each business area. OnBase provides the flexibility to meet each insurance company’s specific business needs, even those outside the traditional areas of underwriting and claims.

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  • OnBase Integration for Guidewire ClaimCenter®

     The choice is yours: work smarter, not harder.

    Claims organizations are under tremendous pressure in today’s high-cost, highly regulated claims environment. Claims professionals need to have the right tools to customize the way they work, leverage best practices and maintain efficiency levels.

     Customer delight is key: make every interaction count. Providing best-in-class service to customers during what may be a very stressful time for them is mission-critical to the overall success of insurance organizations. OnBase integrated with Guidewire ClaimCenter® provides immediate access to the most relevant information and allows organizations to service customers during their time of greatest need.

     Be noticed: deliver results that matter. Automate customer interactions to ensure timely communication and improve visibility. OnBase for Guidewire is proven to significantly impact insurers’ abilities to improve response time, increase quality and deliver a high percentage of customer satisfaction ratings and net promoter scores. The solution aligns to the Guidewire Security Model, protecting and securing information to ensure only the appropriate people have access to information. Additionally, the integration provides the opportunity to automatically manage activity records, notifications and other repetitive, manual tasks, and combining Guidewire with OnBase results in a measurable reduction of loss adjustment expenses.

  • OnBase™ Integration for Guidewire PolicyCenter®

    Policies delivered sooner.

    Profitable underwriting is a science even for the most simple product lines. However, increased risk is assumed with those that are complex and require intellect and experience to make the best determination. With OnBase for PolicyCenter®, insurers benefit from an improved underwriting process by managing the information aspect of the risk, ensuring that all required information is available and accessible to make the best decisions possible.

    Drive more business: simple things go a long way. At times it is difficult to keep up with operational demands and effectively manage the quote process; focusing too much on either creates the potential to lose business. OnBase for Guidewire automates the tracking of, and improvement to, the quote-toissue ratio.

    What gets monitored gets done. Underwriting is a sales process, and exemplary tools provide increased visibility into, and improved access to, information throughout that process. Add the ability to monitor internal controls and identify patterns of inconsistency, and organizations can greatly enhance underwriting profitability. OnBase for Guidewire provides dashboard views, business activity monitoring and analytical data that creates a stronger approach to underwriting.

  • OnBase Integration for Guidewire BillingCenter®

First call resolution.

Today’s consumer accepts nothing short of instantaneous response and action. Arming Call Center and Billing Center personnel with immediate access to the financial details of a policy or claim enhances their ability to close calls at the initial inquiry and eliminate callbacks. As a result, the customer experience is elevated while costs are reduced significantly.

Delight all around.

Transform what is commonly a very tedious accounting process into an effective method to handle customer billing inquiries, requests for duplicate invoices, esc heat processing, collection documentation and more with the OnBase for Guidewire BillingCenter® integration. Streamline these mundane, repetitive tasks by providing the ability to generate needed supporting documentation, packages and reconciliations directly from the Guidewire interface. Customers will delight in the responsiveness; staff will delight in the ease of fulfilling requests.

Press one for customer service. Billing clerks typically receive the majority of calls regardless if they are billing-related or not. The OnBase for Guidewire solution allows users to access the entire client file – including policy, claims and billing information - directly from BillingCenter®. The information retrieved provides a 360-degree view of the customer to better equip clerks with a full understanding of the client. 

<<Download the Guidewire InsuranceSuite© Integration Brochure PDF>>