3 ways OnBase changed the way Hilliard Lyons does business

Investment firm cuts costs, simplifies compliance with enterprise content management

Investment and wealth management is the name of the game for Hilliard Lyons. So when the financial consulting firm realized its manual, paper-based processes were not only costing it time, but money as well, it knew it had to make an investment in positive change.

Hilliard Lyons needed a solution to control the increasingly large volume of information constantly coming into the business. The solution also had to be flexible enough to remain compliant in an environment where regulations can change overnight – without add staff to do so.

That’s when Hilliard Lyons turned to OnBase by Hyland.

“Client trade letters have to be available to the public by 9 a.m. Now, we are able to ingest them into workflow management and ensure they are correct before they are moved to production status. Without OnBase we couldn’t do that,” said Mitzie O’Rourke, Hilliard Lyons.

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3 ways OnBase changed the way Hilliard Lyons does business

How did Hilliard Lyons use OnBase to change the way it does business? Here’s how:

  • Cuts costs by improving processes: By immediately capturing files electronically, Hilliard Lyons immediately cut costs by over $10,000 a year and reduced paper use by 60 percent. It also was able to decrease costs by decommissioning now unnecessary servers and applications for TASK and FileNet.
  • Simplifies compliance tracking: The OnBase Cloud Document Management solution creates an audit trail of every document, allowing managers to view actions taken at each stage of every process. Additionally, the OnBase Cloud automatically enforces compliance standards for document retention and destroys files after set periods of time.
  • Updates information in real time: Integrating the OnBase Cloud with existing third-party applications allows the solution to automatically update information in all other systems. This removes the need to manually update systems – saving staff time so they can focus on higher-value tasks.