CAA uses OnBase and ECM to support obsession with member safety

Enterprise content management with OnBase helps insurer to go digital

CAA’s legacy enterprise content management (ECM) technology was a bottleneck to the organization. It was not well-integrated, making it difficult to achieve efficient delivery of important information and adversely impacting CAA’s mission for member safety.

Working with authorized OnBase solution provider ImageSoft, CAA’s mailroom now uses OnBase to capture documents and information electronically. OnBase then makes it easily accessible to employees in a central location, while workflows automatically deliver the right information to the right people, notifying stakeholders along the way.

“When a person comes into the store or calls an agent over the phone, the information about that member is always available. In the past, agents had to spend several minutes looking for information. Now, everything they need is at their fingertips,” said Jay Woo, president and CEO of CAA. “It creates an environment that shows we care about our members, that we have all the information we need to take care of them.”

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3 ways CAA benefits from OnBase enterprise content management

Before using OnBase, the process of consuming and organizing information at CAA was very inefficient. Employees had to send emails and make phone calls to decide who needed access to documentation and where it should be stored.

Now, OnBase allows CAA to connect everything together and communicates through one system, increasing efficiencies.

Here are three more ways CAA benefits from OnBase:

  • Empowers CAA to help members quicker: Because information is easily accessible and is automatically forwarded through processes with workflow, when members have a loss, are involved in a car accident or are sick, CAA finds their information much faster.
  • Integrates with key systems like Guidewire: “OnBase is hugely effective in terms of integrating legacy systems. Its architecture has allowed us to integrate with many different systems, including data warehouses,” said Woo.
  • Decreases costs and risks: Instead of sorting, delivering, storing and mailing paper-based documents, CAA now uses secure electronic information to power faster, more accurate processes.

 >>Download and read the full CAA case study<<