How Charter Township of Waterford leveraged OnBase for mobile access

Waterford Township – the third largest township in Michigan – had been using OnBase since 1997, moving from paper to electronic documents, streamlining processes and integrating applications. Mobile capabilities were next on the list, and it was easy to leverage OnBase to meet the demands of a changing government landscape.

With cross-departmental access to all data directly from GIS platform Esri and Cityworks maps, Waterford Township set itself up for easy access to documents and integrating future applications.

“That’s what really allowed us to take advantage of the new mobile tools,” said Frank Fisher, engineering superintendent and GIS manager. “We put all that information into OnBase, knowing that one day the goal would be to retrieve it through the GIS.”

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3 ways OnBase helps Waterford Township face the future with confidence

Here's how Waterford Township is benefiting with OnBase:

  • Keeps departments connected: The entire Township – from the Department of Public Works and Building & Engineering to Police, Fire and Parks & Recreation – easily share critical information like permits, certificates of occupancy, building plans and much more.
  • Elevates service levels: “We’ve been able to set the bar high for our service level. People come into our offices and, using the address, we can pull up documents and maps relating to that piece of property and answer questions right then and there,” said Fisher.
  • Sets up the enterprise for greater mobility and flexibility: The Township’s IT department is focusing on making OnBase available to workers who want to use it more, and expanding Cityworks mobility to tablets.

“We’re integrating parts of OnBase throughout the whole organization,” said Fisher. “All the tools come together to make it useful for all departments.”

>>Read the entire Waterford Township case study<<