Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority cuts process steps in half with OnBase

Paper-based processes challenged the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (CMHA) ability to manage housing services efficiently. Most program tasks were initiated on paper and manually tracked. Retrieving records frequently took hours or even days because applicant and tenant documentation was located in physical files and stored offsite. Folders that were misfiled or sitting on another employee’s desk added to the process delays.

“Before OnBase, we manually pulled files to add changes to the housing application, which took up a lot of time and required leaving the office to find files. Now, there’s no paper file so the information is found and modified in a couple keystrokes,” said Becky Chandler, information technology manager.

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4 ways OnBase transformed processes and reduced costs

How did CMHA do it? Here are four ways it used OnBase to make a difference:

  • Streamlines forms processing: CMHA saves $98,000 annually by automating information retrieval and tenant review.
  • Saves 4,500 employee hours annually: By automating the eviction process, staff save time that amounts to a savings of $80,000 per year.
  • Speeds up business processes: CMHA reduced transfer form processing time by 405 hours, saving more than $8,500 annually.

>>Read the full case study to learn more about how CMHA saved with OnBase<<