Cracker Barrel eliminates paper, boosts AP and HR efficiency with OnBase

As an early adopter of document imaging, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store knew it could maximize efficiency company-wide by extending its scanning solution beyond AP.

But hoping to go beyond just simple scanning, it also needed an enterprise-wide solution that would be easy to implement. Additionally, it had to allow employees to quickly access business-critical documents directly from their line-of-business applications.

Working with LBMC Technologies, an authorized OnBase solution provider, Cracker Barrel first implemented OnBase in HR and, within three months, began rolling it out into other areas of the business.

Eliminates 60,000+ AP documents monthly, adding process control and efficiencies

With OnBase, Cracker Barrel accommodates a variety of invoice delivery methods including paper, EDI and COLD data streams. Staff scan and index invoices into OnBase, which automatically updates the department’s ERP, Infor FMS Infinium.

For Cracker Barrel’s AP department, removing the more than 60,000 physical documents a month added visibility and control to its business processes.

“Going paperless with OnBase brings efficiencies and control to business process workflows that usually start with a piece a paper,” said Mary Thompson, manager of Intranet Services at Cracker Barrel. “There is no end to what we can do now.”

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4 ways Cracker Barrel saves with OnBase

Cracker Barrel did more than go paperless with OnBase. The software solution is helping in these four ways, too:

  • Provides instant information access: Cracker Barrel recognized that its employees could work more efficiently with instant access to the supporting documents they needed to make decisions. OnBase allows staff to access this information directly from their line-of-business applications.
  • Reduces low-value work: Before OnBase, HR had an entire imaging department dedicated to scanning paperwork for backup and retention purposes. By digitizing content and processes with OnBase, Cracker Barrel reassigned imaging staff to needed areas of the business.
  • Eliminates physical document retention: “Documents generated from our retail PO system that need to be retained for compliance initiatives are now converted to PDFs and imported to OnBase without ever seeing paper,” Thompson said.
  • Transforms tax reports: The tax department manages documents and information by importing COLD report data streams from its general ledger and tax systems. OnBase automatically indexes these and makes them text searchable should they ever be needed for an audit.

>>Read the full case study to learn more about Cracker Barrel and OnBase<<