5 benefits Bowling Green State University gained by going paperless

Electronically manage student records with OnBase

As higher education institutions grow their enrollment goals, immediate and efficient student services becomes critical to their ability to attract and retain students.

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) meets demands for improved information access and fast turnaround times, as well as regulatory compliance and disaster recovery, with OnBase.

“We’re able to do in a day what used to take us weeks. It’s the level of responsiveness today’s students expect,” said Chris Cox, registrar at BGSU

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Going digital for faster, simpler processes

Strategic advantages BGSU gains by managing student records electronically:

  • Immediate access to student information: Digitizing records means finding information with a few clicks, eliminating wasted time searching for paper.
  • Reduced turnaround time for student records requests: Using business process tools to streamline processes leads to faster decision-making and increased service levels to students.
  • Easy document retention to ensure compliance: Making student information and supporting documentation immediately available makes smoother audits. Easy tracking of compliance expectations helps to meet document retention schedule deadlines.
  • Disaster recovery that works: Backing up student information nightly on multiple servers ensures long-term protection of academic records.
  • Reclaimed space repurposed for higher-value use: Transforming office space and eliminating paper gives BGSU staff the flexibility to be more innovative.

View, download and share a more detailed PDF version of this article.

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