Four ways Moen plugs accounting leaks, saves $8k per month

SAP integration moves invoice processing forward, increases efficiency for Moen

Moen implemented SAP® to improve its ability to manage the company’s money and resources. Although the system improved access to accounting data and information, accounts payable (AP) associates had little visibility into document-based tasks like invoice processing.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plumbing supplies, faucets and sinks, Moen knew it had to improve its ability to manage AP documents and information.

Not a problem for OnBase.

“We chose OnBase because of its tight connection with SAP and how easy it is to use and manage,” said Wendy Cambarare, Accounts Payable manager, Moen. “We don’t have piles of paper sitting on our desks anymore. We know at any given time what each person has in his or her queue, what problems they may have and what might not be getting done.”

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Four ways Moen plugs accounting leaks, saves $8k per month

How does OnBase do it? Here’s a snapshot:

  • Reduces costs: By reducing paper, manual processing and storage costs, Moen saves more than $8,000 each month. The increased accountability also means decreased processing times.
  • Increases invoice processing speed: Capturing invoices electronically and automatically routing them through the AP process means employees are more efficient and productive.
  • Improves vendor relationships: With instant access to real-time information, Moen gives immediate and accurate answers to vendor questions.
  • Drives days sales outstanding (DSO) down in accounts receivable: “We have a days payable outstanding (DPO) that’s higher than our DSO,” says Cambarare. “This is huge for us and we couldn’t do it without OnBase.”

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