How a campus-wide ECM standard rapidly extends value at Ohio University

The university’s challenge: Removing paper and uniting existing systems

Ohio University (OU) needed a system that could automate processes while removing paper and connecting existing business applications. The university wanted to discourage information siloes in order to not add an unnecessary burden on IT, but any new solution had to fit the needs of various departments across campus and complement existing technologies, including the Oracle E-Business Suite.

That’s when OU turned to OnBase by Hyland.

“We wanted a solution that was easy to maintain and configure. OnBase has a great deal of flexibility, but it can also be supported by only one person,” said Tony Benton, OnBase administrator.

Filling in process gaps with OnBase

OnBase enabled OU to connect departments across the campus, filling in process gaps and removing roadblocks in order to:

  • Increase efficiency in Procurement: In the Procurement department, users easily retrieve OnBase documents from within Oracle. Users simply click on a link in Oracle and OnBase displays documents related to that form. Users have more information available without leaving their familiar application and work is completed more efficiently
  • Speed the application review process: With OnBase, documents are automatically matched to the right student file and they are available to authorized users when they need them, even on the road. More than one person can view a document, and OnBase automatically routes the applications to counselors for review. Applications are reviewed faster so that decisions can get out earlier.
  • Expedite tasks campus wide: As OU saw the benefits of OnBase, they quickly expanded the solution to other departments including Housing, Financial AID, Donor Relations and the Registrar’s Office. The automation and immediate access to documents created by OnBase created huge process improvements in each of these areas.

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