Hylant Group improves service and efficiency with OnBase document management

The staff at Hylant Group, Toledo, Ohio, regularly dug through on- and offsite storage, network drives and other IT applications to find the information they needed to conduct day-to-day business. The manual process resulted in employees spending too much time searching for information and too little time responding to inquiries and processing business.

It quickly became too difficult to manage, so Hylant Group turned to enterprise content management (ECM) to help solve the problem.

Hylant integrated OnBase with its line of business application, Applied Systems’ The Agency Manager® (TAM) solution. Doing so allowed the insurer to achieve cost savings and operational efficiency by removing paper and automating processes.

“Now when a customer calls with an inquiry, we access the necessary document and provide an answer as quickly as possible,” said Carrie Hertzfeld, director of Hardware, Infrastructure and Support. “Keeping all documents in one location with multiple avenues of access provides the best response time.”

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Hylant benefits from OnBase enterprise content management

Increased customer service is only one benefit Hylant discovered with OnBase. The insurer was also able to:

  • Improve file retention: The firm’s document retention policy is now automated. Staff set parameters in OnBase and when documents are no longer required to be stored, OnBase deletes the files automatically.
  • Reduce risk with improved documentation: Eliminating the possibility of errors and claims of omission made against the firm’s agents and brokers, Hylant Group stores voicemail recordings and conversation notes in OnBase. “In the past it was difficult to go back and find documentation relating to a specific conversation and next to impossible for someone else to find notes about the conversation,” says Hertzfeld.
  • Improve disaster recovery: “Storing documents in multiple locations hinders disaster recovery,” says Hertzfeld. “Paper documents are susceptible to accidental and malicious destruction. With OnBase, we can recover files in an accurate and timely fashion.”
  • Ensure business continuity: With all 11 locations having access to OnBase, if one office is shut down for any reason, work doesn’t stop. Another office can fill in for the closed office or employees can log onto OnBase from home or from another office.

Download and read the complete Hylant Group case study.