Kansas City Life Insurance saves $3 million by automating paper processes with OnBase

Paper and manual processes were slowing down business at Kansas City Life, even with existing claims and policy management systems in place.

In Agency Licensing, a complicated mail distribution process added time to the process of licensing new agents. In Claims, paper processes caused resolution delays of up to a week, frustrating agencies and beneficiaries. And in New Business, passing paper around interrupted the flow of applications, raising processing costs and hurting customer and agent satisfaction.

With the help of an authorized OnBase solution provider, Cutting Edge Solutions, KCL selected the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution to solve the paper problems.

“We’ve seen a lot of improvements in service and efficiency in small, deliberate increments. When you add them up to more than $3 million in savings, that makes one exponential gain,” said Steve Ropp, vice president, Operations Services.

>>Download and read the full Kansas City Life Insurance case study<<

How OnBase makes the difference for Kansas City Life

Among the many benefits Kansas City Life Insurance enjoys with OnBase, here are four that have helped changed the way the insurer does business:

  • Saves money with paperless processes: KCL no longer has to manage paper files or pay someone to perform file updates because 80-90 percent of processes are paperless. Now, 90 percent of applications are processed within three days.
  • Maximizes existing systems: KCL improves agent and beneficiary satisfaction with faster claims processing. “The beauty is that we didn’t need to make wholesale changes to the existing claims system,” says Ropp. “We automated the entire system in a short time with minimal disruption.” Now, 60 percent of claims are paid within four days.
  • Frees up time for more valuable work: Just as importantly, KCL needs fewer people to process its claims and has redeployed administrative staff to more important, revenue-generating roles, saving $100,000.
  • Delivers results for faster adoption: With many teams and departments involved in growing the system, user acceptance to OnBase has been high. “We do a lot of things that would normally require custom programming by IT, but we can do it with the out-of-the-box functionality of OnBase,” Ropp says. “So people see results quickly and keep coming back for more.”

>>Download and read the full Kansas City Life Insurance case study<<