Process improvements with OnBase set Discovery Benefits up for extraordinary growth

The complex, multi-step procedure for receiving, sorting and processing claims at Discovery Benefits was slow and involved too many touch points. Manual tracking and data entry required staff to pass paper forms back and forth between teams. With a CRM that provided limited reporting functions, getting information to customers and managers about the status of a claim meant digging through paper files.

The company was also overwhelmed with the overtime costs associated with a manual customer renewal process each year. Leaders realized they needed to find a profitable way to grow.

Since deploying OnBase in 2008, Discovery has grown from providing benefits for 1.25 million people to more than 5 million. The company has processed just over 60 million documents into and through OnBase, with nearly 29.5 million still in the system.

As the staff has grown from 120 to 340, the organization has cut out the barriers of paperwork and let employees take on more essential responsibilities – like using OnBase to review accounts electronically and discover uncollected fees.

“We saved around $3 million in paper costs alone since deploying OnBase – about $500,000 a year,” said Dean Johnson, OnBase senior engineer at Discovery Benefits. “That’s in addition to a 68 percent decrease in printing supplies.”

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3 ways Discovery Benefits succeeds with OnBase by Hyland

Discovery Benefits found solutions with OnBase to many challenges. Here are three more:

  1. Transforming manual processes: Year-end customer renewal involved an all-paper process, with employees putting in 20-plus hours a week in overtime five months out of the year. Putting the whole process into OnBase completely cut out staff overtime – and frustration – and gave them access to all renewal paperwork in a streamlined workflow.
  2. Providing transparency: With all data centralized in OnBase, managers and supervisors run customized reports, giving them greater visibility into employees’ workloads and progress. Lack of visibility used to mean weeks of digging through call logs. Now, additional training for an employee or intervention with a customer happens almost immediately.
  3. Improving risk management: On a normal day, Discovery processes around 2,000 checks. Managing the process through OnBase allows Discovery’s accounting team to instantly detect discrepancies between checks written and checks being cleared and investigate whether a check should be denied.

>>Download and read the full Discovery Benefits case study<<