Suncoast Credit Union uses enterprise workflow management to help grow business

In 1998, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union realized that relying on paper was negatively affecting member service. So in 2000, it implemented OnBase by Hyland to capture documents and information electronically.

The increased speed and accuracy of processes improved member service significantly. But after converting from a federal to a state charter in 2014, newly named Suncoast Credit Union needed to ensure important processes were ready to accommodate growth.

So it expanded OnBase across its entire enterprise.

“With the ability to easily create workflows and get help complying with regulations, our return on investment is immeasurable,” said Wanda Chambers, senior vice president, Payment Services.

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5 ways OnBase changed the way Suncoast does business

Beyond workflow, Suncoast benefits from OnBase enterprise wide. Here’s how:

  • Enables growth: OnBase’s flexibility lets it evolve with Suncoast’s growth and market requirements with limited additional investment.
  • Makes processes simpler and faster: Processes are automated, user-friendly, convenient and easy – like capturing member IDs electronically so they’re always a click away.
  • Empowers member service: With instant access to information and documents, employees have more time to focus on members.
  • Integrates systems: Tight integrations with multiple line-of-business applications empower employees to find information without leaving familiar screens.
  • Helps with compliance and audits: Easy access to information and increased visibility into processes allow Suncoast to proactively deal with regulations and audits.

>> View, download and share a more detailed PDF-version of this case study <<