Syracuse University overcomes slow, paper-based processes

The university’s challenge: Overcoming slow, paper-based processes

Documents took too long to find and cost too much to store, and paper files made it difficult to create a strong disaster recovery plan. Syracuse University (SU) needed to support its existing business applications and speed processes. However, prioritizing and implementing a campus-wide solution required vision and organization.

SU turned to OnBase to automate document capture and accelerate process campus-wide.

“OnBase provides the ‘glue’ between our software applications, like Oracle PeopleSoft, and our documents,” said Diane Oad, senior project analyst.

Combining speed and efficiency campus wide

SU easily tailored OnBase to its specific plans and needs, enabling them to:

  • Start small and expand with success: SU initially deployed OnBase in its Treasurer’s Office, capturing and storing document that dated all the way back to 1870. After seeing the department’s success, the university quickly expanded the solution’s use.
  • Review more applications than ever:  After deploying OnBase in Admissions, SU quickly eliminated the need for paper folders and filing cabinets. Not only did this save the university money, it also enabled them to handle the largest application pool it had ever received without a problem.
  • Complete nine deployment projects in just a year: Once they had seen the success of OnBase in multiple departments, SU decided to create a document management standard and “go enterprise” with the solution. They targeted the nine departments that would benefit most and deployed OnBase to all of them in under a year – quickly creating benefits across the campus.

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