4 ways OnBase Case Management changed the way Universal Forest Products works

UFP crafts no-code case management applications with OnBase

In 2005, Universal Forest Products (UFP) largely relied on scattered spreadsheets and aging database applications to track and manage business processes. With more than 80 plants – and different requirements for each facility – it was a nightmare for process owners in terms of system maintenance, upgrades and process changes. It also meant that business units frequently had to wait six months to a year to create database applications to support new or updated processes.

Everything changed when UFP turned to a case management solution with OnBase by Hyland.

“We realized immediately the power that OnBase has, in that we could build just about any database application we needed while replacing old applications that were going to be sunset,” said Sean Lemon, nation project manager.

4 ways OnBase Case Management changed the way UFP works

Already using OnBase in a few department, UFP turned to the solution for a flexible platform for configuring business applications organization wide. This enabled UFP to:

  • Replace spreadsheets and aging applications: UFP increased efficiency by replacing shared spreadsheets, Access databases and other aging applications. Lemon’s team now has one central place to manage security, maintenance, upgrades and process changes.
  • Accelerate application configuration timelines: With OnBase, UFP designs, builds and deploys most applications in two to three months. In the past, fulfilling application project requests via custom coding and other database platforms took up to a year.
  • Equip business users with a better view: End users have a 360-degree view of all information supporting a business process, including capital expenditure management. “OnBase created a one-stop shop for all things capital expenditures,” Lemon said. “Our facilities can see all information in one place and at one time, including related documents.”
  • Leverage a wide range of OnBase capabilities: By building applications on its existing OnBase system, UFP takes advantage of the spectrum of OnBase capabilities, including document management, forms, workflow automation and business system integration. This allows UFP to streamline processes from start to finish.

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