OnBase hosted solution helps Upland Hills reduce costs while increasing security

Hosted solution helps hospital reduce costs while increasing security

Upland Hills Health’s HR department had too much paper. As its personnel files grew, so too, did its need to continuously spend money on even more paper as well as the additional filing cabinets it needed to store it all.

When Upland learned that the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) was willing to share its imaging system, the 76-bed hospital in Dodgeville, Wisconsin knew it had found its solution.  

Working with RWHC and Naviant, an authorized OnBase solution provider, Upland now takes advantage of a shared service model that allows the hospital to use a hosted version of OnBase, which provides unlimited space for its ever-growing employee files.

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While OnBase provided an immediate win for its HR department, what closed the deal was the solution’s flexibility. OnBase can be used to eliminate the same business pains in other departments throughout the hospital.

“OnBase is far more than an HR system,” said Troy Marx, HR director, Upland Hills Health. “It’s an organizational system. It can take away any and everyone’s filing cabinets if we fully utilize it.”

OnBase transformed Upland Hills Health’s HR department

OnBase makes it easy for HR staff to quickly find employee documents when needed. With employee information at their fingertips, HR staff instantly access needed documents electronically, allowing them to focus on higher value tasks. OnBase also:

  • Increases corporate buy-in through reduced costs: Cost was a factor when Upland Hills Health was determining which vendor to partner with. By implementing a shared service model, Upland takes advantage of a hosted solution, eliminating license and server costs.
  • Ensures document security: “It’s a beautiful thing to be able to limit user rights to one document or document type,” Marx said. “In the long run, OnBase will pay us huge dividends because of the way we provide access to information.”
  • Eliminates paper expenses: “HR is our first area of focus because some of our personnel files were just getting to be huge,” Marx said. “It didn’t make sense to continue to load paper files and buy extra filing cabinets. It was a bad system and there was a better option available – OnBase.”
  • Steamlines processes company-wide: Using OnBase, Upland has the ability to increase efficiency in other areas of the hospital over time, as resources allow. With one technology platform, the organization will continually digitize information and automate manual processes, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks and initiatives.