The City of Westlake makes information accessible to staff and constituents with OnBase

The City of Westlake, Ohio, needed better access to public records and agenda information. Paper documents were buried in filing cabinets, and staff were spending too much time finding information for constituent requests.

“The mountains of paper in our file room showed us we had a problem,” said Nicole Sackman, clerk of Commissions. “But the length of time it took us to find specific documents slowed our processes and constituent service. That’s what really hurt.

“We wanted a system that could work for many departments and integrate with many of our systems. We use OnBase to tackle one project at a time.”

>>Read the entire city of Westlake case study here<<

Fast, efficient service with one solution

Here are three ways OnBase is making life easier for the citizens and employees of Westlake:

  • Provides one place for documentation: A central repository for all planning documents lets staff retrieve and share the most up-to-date information.
  • Improves constituent access to information: Through a web portal, constituents access information about an address or parcel 24/7.
  • Speeds internal processes: With OnBase integrations, staff no longer have to flip between line-of-business systems or shared network drives. “Everything runs automatically behind the scenes so we process work faster,” said Anne Fritz, director of Finance.
>>Read the entire city of Westlake case study here<<

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