The Dramatic Impacts of Document Tracking in Lending Automation



Thursday, October 25 at 1:00 p.m. EDT

For many financial institutions, the process of taking a loan from application to post close audit can take several weeks with multiple document updates needed along the way. It involves numerous bank employees and outside closing agents. As the prospective loan advances from stage to stage, bottlenecks are a common result. Documents need to be tracked and dates need to be met. 

Join our webinar to hear more about how the Loan Document Tracking Toolkit is an accelerated solution, focused on document tracking for any type of loan, while removing bottlenecks.

During this webinar we'll discuss the benefits of the Loan Document Tracking Toolkit, including:

  • Complete Loan Tracking
  • Automated Status Updates
  • Tracking Separate Entities
  • Easy Auditing

And more!

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