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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has come of age, and today it is an important consideration for any organization undergoing Digital Transformation. As the volume and pace of digital information continues to increase, the value provided by RPA applications is impossible to ignore: they can automate repetitive and high-volume data processes involving multiple applications and users, without requiring system integration or custom coding.

Benefits to consider

Increased efficiency and accuracy

A “bot” dedicated to a process does not have to multitask or prioritize activity, unlike a human worker

Improved information security and compliance

The ability to access and process sensitive data without human involvement reduces the risk of exposure and enables defensible audit trails and chains of custody

Reduced reliance on IT

Because RPA works at the user interface level, there is no requirement for integration and customization

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Copies of core processes can be backed up and restored off-site

Better human capital utilization and reduced employee churn

Human workers can be re-allocated to higher value tasks and away from repetitive, high-turnover positions

Better informed process improvement

because processes are logged, they are easier to observe, analyze and optimize

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