[eBook] Enhancing your RPA implementation with intelligent information | OnBase by Hyland

Addressing the information integration challenge to optimize RPA capabilities

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the opportunity that robotic process automation (RPA) presents to increase productivity and improve compliance, while ensuring their products and services remain high quality. And yet, very few have successfully scaled their RPA solution to optimize its use. Could the roadblock to the next-level use of RPA capabilities be the challenge of integrating unstructured information into the RPA environment?


This eBook addresses this question, and explores:

  • The current state of process automation, as well as the pain points addressed by RPA
  • Where RPA is used to leverage existing enterprise IT investments
  • The unique challenges unstructured information creates for process automation
  • What intended spending on RPA says about an organization’s other key priorities
  • How an intelligent information management approach can move your RPA implementation to the next level                                                                                                                                    

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