Improve HR processes for employee file management with OnBase

Achieve effective employee file management and support compliance initiatives with OnBase

OnBase by Hyland enables HR departments to better manage employee files, equipping personnel with secure, instant access to information. With OnBase, organizations store employee documents electronically in one central location, reducing the time spent searching for content while increasing security and supporting compliance initiatives

  • Improve employee file management and enhance user access.

    OnBase Employee File Management enables HR to capture and store employee documents electronically – whether they’re scanned, faxed or emailed. Organizations eliminate the need to manage multiple, paper-based copies of documents, reducing associated costs and process delays. Because OnBase connects with an organization’s human resources information system (HRIS), personnel retrieve employee documents and data without leaving familiar interfaces.

    By offering instant access to information via preferred applications, OnBase minimizes training requirements and enables HR to provide better service by rapidly responding to employee requests. And with less time spent managing files, personnel can focus on high-value initiatives such as employee retention and professional development.

  • Strengthen compliance and automate document retention.

    By increasing visibility, OnBase Employee File Management helps organizations support compliance with government and industry employment regulations. With real-time reporting into the status of required employee documentation, HR personnel instantly determine compliance standing – including which important documents are missing from the system. This equips staff to efficiently identify and resolve exceptions. Organizations also drastically reduce time spent preparing for external audits. Rather than making multiple copies of files for audit purposes, HR grants auditors limited access to the OnBase system, where they quickly retrieve only the information they need.

    OnBase further minimizes compliance risks by facilitating effective document retention in accordance with federal, state or local employment policies. It also automatically manages employee documents throughout their lifespans by removing, extending or verifying documents nearing time for deletion with minimal user interaction required

  • Ensure security of critical employee documents and data.

With all documents managed electronically in OnBase, organizations ensure that critical employee information is secure. Rather than creating separate files to maintain confidential employee information, organizations store all content in a single, secure location. By controlling who has access to the HR system and what they can do, organizations have peace of mind knowing that only authorized personnel interact with employee files and data. OnBase also tracks document activity and provides a full auditable history of every action, further increasing employee accountability

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