OnBase-Epic Canto™/Haiku™ integration

Gain mobile access to the complete patient record with Epic and OnBase anywhere, anytime

With the OnBase Integration for Epic Canto™/Haiku™, gain mobile access to the complete patient record without leaving the Epic interface. While in Canto, simply touch a button to retrieve information stored within OnBase, such as images, EKGs, test results and other relevant documents. Physicians can even take new photos and videos, fill out electronic forms and capture signatures in the OnBase mobile application and immediately associate them with the patient record in Epic.

Take a look at what OnBase offers Epic mobile users below:

  • Retrieve complete patient record from a mobile device.

    Though Epic stores a large portion of the patient record in the EMR, OnBase also stores relevant patient content that completes the record. The Integration for Epic Canto/Haiku gives physicians the power to view all content related to a patient directly from their chosen Epic mobile application. From the patient record within Canto, users select an OnBase button that gives them instant access to a list of documents associated with that patient. Because the content is searchable and sorted by document type, physicians easily find the information they are looking for – whether that is a consent form, lab result, pathology image or other relevant piece of content.

  • Seamlessly capture relevant patient information on the go.

    In addition to information retrieval, physicians can use a mobile device to capture images, videos, signatures and more right at the point of care. While viewing the patient record in Epic, the touch of a button directs users to OnBase where they can snap a photo of a wound or affected area and instantly attach it to the patient record for future reference. From there, they can fill out a form with details about the assessed area – indicating which extremity is under review or whether cancer is suspected. This is especially useful in an emergency room situation where there is no time to grab an external camera, or in a situation where the progression of a patient’s condition must be monitored over time.

  • Access all information to facilitate more informed care decisions.

With the ability to view all OnBase content that supports the patient record directly from Epic, from imagery to lab reports, physicians can rest assured that they are making a diagnosis based on all current and relevant information. And because busy agendas and travel schedules don’t always allow for providers to be present in the office, OnBase gives physicians mobile access to the complete patient record from virtually anywhere, supporting accurate, well-informed decision making – even when on call or on the road. By connecting Epic and OnBase in a mobile environment, users create a more accurate and complete patient record while on the go – resulting in better treatment and a higher quality of care.

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