Don’t look for your information, let it find you with OnBase Mobile

Giving mobile employees online data and forms in the field improves responsiveness, efficiency and service

No more lugging heavy boxes of files to the car. No more rifling through a stack of blank paper forms to find the right one for the next appointment. No more filling out that paper form only to go back to the office to enter the same data into the computer. And no more struggling with a laptop that’s too cumbersome to take when visiting job sites.

These are the wishes of public safety officers, inspectors, case workers and other government employees who work primarily in the field. And increasingly, these wishes are becoming a priority for government IT departments, as they create a roadmap to enable more efficient employee mobility through the adoption of tablets and smartphones, tailored apps, and greater access to online content and processes.

Benefits of mobility for in-field government workers

Improving mobile capabilities and information access for employees yields numerous benefits, including:  

  • Increased number of site visits, inspections and other tasks that employees can perform in a single day because more of their work can be completed in the field
  • More informed responses to emergency and other public safety field work
  • More flexibility in where and when employees can work improves public service delivery
  • Compressed timelines for action and decision-making because media-rich information is easily accessible when and where it is needed
  • Streamlined data collection and entry tasks with improved consistency and reduced potential for introducing errors
  • Reduced paper consumption and storage requirements, meaning lower costs and increased environmental benefits

Given all of the benefits that can be gained from enabling employee mobility, it can be hard to identify the best ways to get started. When Your Information Finds You, an issue brief from the Centers for Digital Government, provides you with the right questions to ask to jumpstart your mobility plans.

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