Transformation isn't a destination
but a journey

This is especially true of digital transformation. From small steps to large leaps; from cloud technology to mobile access to analytics; every decision you make helps propel you further toward your goal of becoming a more digital business.

Check out the resources below to discover the state of the industry, explore steps you can take and learn why thinking differently about enterprise information is key on your digital transformation journey.

The journey from digital information to digital transformation

Every organization has digital information and supporting systems, and often have for many years. However, many still struggle to transform their operations. It’s not just about making information available digitally; it’s about what organizations do with that information—making decisions, driving processes and serving customers.

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How ECM transformed into content services

How ECM transformed into content services (and why you should care)

In this mobile, connected world, where everything is electronic and the speed of business is constantly accelerating, content services enable organizations to keep pace – to work toward the promise of true digital transformation. Are you ready?

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Digital transformation state of the industry

Is your organization digitally transforming or stuck in neutral?

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OnBase: An essential part of your digital transformation journey

OnBase provides a complete view of information for everyone who needs it, wherever they are, to improve decision-making and customer service – making it an essential part of the journey toward digital transformation. Only OnBase offers this via a single enterprise information platform that provides a variety of content services. 

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