AIIM Industry Watch Whitepaper – Case Management and Smart Process Applications

Case management and smart process applications (SPAs) are more than industry buzzwords, they’re where the industry is heading. A case management approach empowers organizations to tackle a new kind of work – those dynamic processes and tasks that are driven by human discretion and collaboration and that depend on a complete view of all information.

Case-style work extends beyond courthouses and social services agencies and touches applications across industries – including project management, customer service, incident resolution, compliance tracking and more.

Download the AIIM Industry Watch Whitepaper, “Case Management and Smart Process Applications,” to explore key findings, including:

  • The importance of managing your data alongside key supporting documents.
    According to AIIM’s latest research, for 67 percent of organizations, half or more of their main business processes involve connecting multichannel inbound content to a managed process. And one-third consider this to be their biggest single problem with current case handling.
  • Equipping your workforce to handle the unpredictable is a major requirement.
    For 51 percent of the organizations polled, half or more of their business processes are not straightforward or predictable – reinforcing the need for a flexible case management approach.
  • Customer (or employee or student or constituent) service is key.
    For those surveyed, increasing expectations for speed of service is the biggest pain point, spurring a new outlook on how to manage related work.

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