AIIM Webinar: Realizing the True Promise of ECM – Using Content to drive the Next Step in Your Workflows

Case management and smart process applications (SPAs) are more than buzzwords – they’re where the industry is heading. A case management approach empowers organizations to tackle those dynamic processes and tasks that are driven by human discretion and collaboration. Case-style work goes beyond the courthouse or social services agency, touching applications across industries – including project management, customer service, incident resolution, compliance tracking and more.

Even though they are all very different, these applications share the common thread of requiring a complete view of information, data and key supporting content. In fact, according to AIIM’s latest research, 67% of organizations have half or more of their main business processes connecting multi-channel inbound content.

View this recorded webinar to hear AIIM’s Doug Miles discuss this and other findings from the latest case management research, including:

  • The importance of managing data alongside key supporting documents
  • The feature sets desired in modern case management systems
  • The experience of early adopters

You’ll also hear OnBase by Hyland representatives discuss practical use cases and the types of problems being solved today with a case management approach.

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