PayStream Advisors 2016 Contract Lifecycle Management Report

Ensuring Strong, Secure B2B Relationships with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

Automated contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions can lead to faster, more profitable negotiations, yet fewer than 25 percent of business are using an automated system.

According to the PayStream Advisors 2016 Contract Lifecycle Management Report, most organizations labor under inconsistent contracts, repetitive processes as well as cumbersome and costly contract creation and negotiation. As nearly all interactions between organizations and their vendors, customers, and partners are governed by contracts, it’s no surprise that contract management has increasingly come under scrutiny by managers as a cost center they need to fix.

Organizations that implement a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution not only experience faster, more consistent processes – making life easier for contract management teams – but also meet the expectations of upper management. To learn more, download this report for insights on:

  • Current market trends in contract management processes
  • The benefits of contract management automation
  • Features and functionalities of leading CLM software

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