Web Content Management

If you woke up this morning sweating about whether your customers can easily find valuable content on your company’s website, or have doubts about your employees’ ability to simply and efficiently manage that content, then start shopping for a web content management system.

Different than collaborative content management or transactional content management, web content management (web CMS) is a software business solution that allows consistent control of website look and feel – brand, wire frames, navigation – while giving several content producers the ability to dynamically create and publish content – articles, photo galleries, video and so forth.

So if your company maintains a large, content-rich website or suite of sites focused on brand consistency and personalized content for each public-facing presence, the solution you’re searching for a is a web content management system.

A good web CMS should be intuitive for your users. It should give content writers the ease of creating and updating content on their own, freeing up web developers and SEO managers to design and tweak the system. It should be a collaborative system, allowing authenticated users the ability to edit, design, post and publish quickly and easily.

Some things to consider:

  • User experience: Make sure the system you choose offers simple, built-in text editors and the ability to add pre-defined functionality to the page. Make sure any training necessary isn’t too complex for non-technical employees.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, so should your web CMS. As business booms, you’ll discover the need to add more content, more functionality and the desire to branch off with niche sites.
  • Content Tools: Make sure you can control what, when and how content is published. Chances are, as your business grows, more editors, writers and content creators will have access to the CMS. You want to make sure the tools to control content workflow are in place. 
  • Support and Updates: Understand the level of technical support you will receive from the makers of your web CMS system (some? none?) and be comfortable with your choice. Also, make sure you are notified when updates to the software occur – and that you have easy access to those updates.