Perfect electronic data capture with OnBase AnyDoc

One of the biggest hurdles to meeting efficiency, service and compliance goals are the manual, error-prone tasks that so many organizations cling to. With OnBase AnyDoc, you electronically and automatically capture information and data from your documents while creating a consistent process that ensures accurate information gets to those who need it as quickly as possible.

Gaining a competitive edge with electronic data capture software

To achieve these results, OnBase AnyDoc provides your organization with document and data capture software built around the following process:

  1. Acquisition: OnBase AnyDoc captures any document – no matter the format– and cleans up the image to prepare it for automated data extraction.
  2. Classification: The solution automatically identifies each captured document without the need for barcodes or separator pages, ensuring it extracts the correct information from each page, no matter what business process it is a part of. 
  3. Extraction: OnBase AnyDoc reads the information on the captured images to identify and lift the critical data from each document. It then remembers where the information is located on the document, such as a specific vendor’s invoice, to speed future processing even further.
  4. Verification: After extracting the information, the data capture software automatically validates the data against existing databases of information – including other back-end systems – or against user-defined business rules. Any remaining exceptions are routed directly to a staff member for easy simple verification or further routing.  
  5. Deliver: OnBase AnyDoc immediately sends the extracted and validated information to the relevant systems in your business processes – such as SAP™, Oracle™, PeopleSoft™, Lawson™, Epic, Guidewire®, etc. The image is then sent to the relevant content management system, such as OnBase by Hyland. 

Embracing automated data capture software increases efficiencies and accelerates processes across your organization. OnBase AnyDoc gives your company the competitive edge you want with the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet your business needs and processes.

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