OnBase 15: What’s New?

Enhance your OnBase system and solutions

Since founding Hyland, creator of OnBase, in 1991, we’ve invested over 2 millennia of man-hours developing and enhancing our product, OnBase. Averaging two releases a year – one major and one minor –  we’ve stayed committed to simplifying the way people work.

With each release, we work to make sure OnBase remains relevant in your IT environment while also evolving to support industry trends.

OnBase 15 includes over 2,000 customer-focused enhancements and introduces ground-breaking new functionality to help organizations digitize their operations, accelerate their processes, and empower professionals with timely and relevant information.

It includes the following industry enhancements and new functionality:

Healthcare – A new clinical content strategy including:

  • A native vendor neutral archive (VNA for DICOM storage) to enable storage and access of medical images, documents and clinical files in a single system
  • A new Patient Window to simplify the physician experience
  • OnBase Anywhere, allowing two participating facilities to securely share patient data electronically
  • Universal Scope Capture to capture video stills from any fiber-optic scope
  • Mobile e-Capture to streamline form- and signature-intensive processes 


Insurance – An enhanced Guidewire integration, seamlessly linking activities between both systems

OnBase 15 also features  the following enhancements to technology trends:

Mobile – A re-architected mobile platform, a new app in the Windows Store (with apps already available for iPad, iPhone and Android), and new integrations between OnBase apps and other mobile enterprise applications

Case Management  – New options for users of case-based applications, including an integration with Microsoft Outlook 2013 

Cloud –  OnBase 15 is available in the OnBase Cloud and features improved integrations with cloud-based applications DocuSign and Esri ArcGIS Online

Capture – A streamlined user experience and improved data capture tools for invoices

The OnBase 15 release also includes hundreds of enhancements designed to make the deployment and administration of OnBase solutions as simple and straightforward as possible for implementers, solution owners and system administrators.

Check out the OnBase and Solution sections to discover how OnBase can revolutionize the way you work.

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