Client Interfaces

OnBase provides you with a variety of software interfaces to meet the needs of your users and your environment.

All of these clients allow you to perform powerful searches to find your information and provide a rich set of tools for interacting with, editing and managing your data.

Unity Client 

This is our primary, easy to use software interface, offering the familiar look-and-feel of Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 products. With intuitive ribbon-style toolbars, tabs and easy access to features, users can easily find and interact with the information they need with little, to no, training. Unity Client also enables individual users to personalize their interface in order to quickly access the forms and functions they use most often. Installation and administration are simplified with deployment options that support ClickOnce technology and both on-premise or hosted environments.

Unity Briefcase for Offline Access

Do you have a mobile workforce burdened with inconsistent and unreliable network access? Can you guarantee that they are always working with accurate, current versions of documents? Do they need to efficiently capture work documents and forms created on the road?

OnBase provides a portable solution for accessing the documents you need when conducting business in remote locations. Retrieve, create, and update the most current versions of documents and forms without network access, then simply sync offline content back into OnBase when connectivity resumes.

Web Client

This is our cross-browser, web-based interface that can easily provide access to remote employees, extranet partners and public customers, supporting both http and https. The OnBase Web Client is very easy to deploy, allows customizable portal views of your content, and is further used to extend documents and e-forms to everyone that needs access, even those without an OnBase login.

The OnBase Client

This is our feature-rich windows-based application, optimized for maximum efficiency and speed when working with and processing high volumes of documents on the same high-speed network as the OnBase infrastructure.