Automated Document Classification

Once documents have been captured, OnBase can then automatically identify the document. With automated classification, staff no longer need to manually sort and route documents - OnBase does the thinking for you. 

OnBase automated classification can identify documents through the simplest and most complex methods. Simpler methods include barcode recognition where the software simply reads a barcode on a document to identify the type of document. Depending on the quality of images found on the document, including logos, those can also be used for identification as well as specific words, like document titles, that are found in the same location on the document each time it is processed.  

But for the more complex documents, the intelligent classification solution can search the entire document, looking for specific attributes of the information on the page such as how information is organized on the page, what type of information is present and even contextual clues within the content of the document. 

Over time, the software learns from classification successes and errors to process similar documents even faster and more accurately as your solution grows. And, when added to an OnBase content management solution, the system can use documents already stored in the OnBase repository to learn attributes of specific document types even before capturing any new documents. 

Once classified, these documents can be sent further into the capture process for data extraction;  routed directly into your content management system or network directory; or stored within OnBase for further processing. 

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