Organizations that rely on inefficient business processes suffer from lost productivity, not to mention inflexibility. They simply can’t respond quickly to changes like new regulations and customer requirements—a fatal mistake in today’s dynamic, global market.

OnBase Workflow intelligently incorporates precise content into the flow of your business so it is automatically directed to the right place at the right time. Map more efficient processes to maximize the number of transactions your team is able to process, direct, approve and complete every day.

In addition to manual and ad hoc options for defined users, OnBase Workflow’s flexible routing can automatically direct documents to work queues based on linear or parallel process steps, specific data inside documents, and information stored in e-forms or databases.

Automate, track and easily manage your daily routines

It’s easy to monitor the status of items as they progress through our workflow management software using customizable, real-time notifications. And an integrated Tasks feature further simplifies processes through task-driven to-do lists that prioritize work and establish deadlines.

OnBase Workflow also lets you:

  • Create, manage and modify simple and complex workflow processes via an intuitive workflow interface
  • Build powerful document routing rules using ordinary language
  • Adapt and scale workflows to meet evolving business needs