File Storage & Archive Solutions

Ensure content is properly stored and accessible

OnBase allows you to store your electronic files on any network discoverable file share – from Windows or Linux file servers to purpose-built storage devices. As a result, you don’t need to purchase an expensive storage solution for your OnBase system.

OnBase allows you to store an unlimited number of live, online copies for each file within the system. If you experience any hardware or network failures interrupting access to your main file servers, OnBase will instantly fail over to secondary copies to ensure there’s no business downtime.

Speed up processes with separate data and document storage

OnBase doesn’t store your documents within the database in a BLOB format. As a result, your database can do what it does best – handle the data about your documents – while your file servers and devices handle your electronic files.

This separation of data and documents allows your OnBase system to run at maximum efficiency – from a small departmental solution to a global enterprise deployment. All of this is achieved while making maintenance and backups more manageable.

Optimize your unique storage strategy with OnBase

OnBase offers a variety of storage and archiving options, including:

Platter Management

Using platter management, organizations:

  • Easily configure and manage advanced storage and disaster recovery solutions including file backup, migration, exportation and deletion
  • Promote business continuity, security and scalability by storing multiple copies of electronic files at multiple off-site locations.
  • Assign the appropriate disk media for each class of business documents to minimize storage costs and maximize accessibility

EMC Centera

Bring added security and data integrity to your business content by leveraging the OnBase Integration for EMC Centera.

  • Use Centera’s built-in redundancy to ensure document availability
  • Reduce the time spent creating back-ups
  • Protect OnBase content from unauthorized access through Centera’s unique Content Addressing
  • Retain content stored in Centera according to OnBase retention schedules

IBM Tivoli

The OnBase Integration for IBM Tivoli allows users to store OnBase documents on media controlled by an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

  • Eliminate the need to install Tivoli on every workstation
  • Easily archive a variety of media toypes and copies for off-site storage
  • Support both regulatory compliance and business continuity

Kom Networks KOMpliance

The OnBase Integration for KOMpliance allows organizations to store, protect and secure information on any Windows file server or virtual machine.

  • Enforce OnBase control with an authenticity seal ensuring security, audit and accountability
  • Protect OnBase documents from vulnerabilities like sophisticated hackers, viruses or malware
  • Prevent file tampering operations such as delete, rename, overwrite, move, format, etc.
  • Strengthen data privacy, preventing unauthorized access even by an administrator or privileged user

Document Transfer

OnBase allows data and content to be shared and/or replicated between two or more independent OnBase systems. This equips users to interact with information across distributed organizational structures and geographies.

  • Maintain unique naming conventions for document and keyword types when replicating data between systems
  • Remove version dependence between OnBase systems participating in data replication
  • Eliminate costs and delays associated with printing, transporting and scanning duplicate documents when they already exist electronically in various OnBase instances
  • Reduce labor required to search, collect and provide documents across scattered or dispersed organizations or instances

CD/DVD/Blu-ray Authoring and Export

OnBase integrates with a Rimage unit to allow automatic, unattended backup of document files from any OnBase disk group volume onto a CD or DVD media. When a backup copy of a disk group is sent to the backup queue in platter management, it’s automatically written to a CD or DVD. These discs can then be stored off-site and used to restore documents in the event of data loss.

Email Archive for Microsoft Exchange

Email Archive for Microsoft Exchange addresses the compliance need to capture, archive, retain and search for corporate email content across an entire organization. Store all email sent or received in a Microsoft Exchange environment, utilizing the native message journaling ability and optimizing enterprise email storage.

  • Automatically capture and archive email for the entire enterprise in one searchable, central repository
  • Support compliance initiatives, such as e-discovery, by providing a retention and recovery solution for email
  • Decrease costs associated with the administration and infrastructure required by enterprise email systems

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