Is your technology stack wobbling? Consider an ECM conversion

Documents, files and the business content they contain are the lifeblood of any organization. 

Whether it’s financial documents, employee personal data, patient histories or student records, the efficient capture and effective management of business content propels internal processes and empowers employees with decision-critical information, regardless of industry. 

For many organizations, enterprise content management (ECM) platforms are the go-to solution for managing content across multiple business processes. 

But when disruptions occur – disruptions like increasingly fragmented or overlapping product architectures, challenging system integrations, acquisitions and divestitures – business and IT users are left with questions about the stability of their solution and its ability to support their long-term processes or strategic goals.  

Stabilize and support your long-term strategy with a single enterprise information platform

More than 100 organizations have converted to OnBase. And with good reason.

They know the OnBase platform is not a collection of separate products presented under one brand or offered by the same vendor. OnBase is a single technology platform sharing one database, content repository and codebase. 

And OnBase gives you one platform to install, upgrade, secure, protect and integrate, instead of a diverse portfolio of different information technologies to manage. In other words, with OnBase, “one” means “one.

Hyland consistently expands and improves OnBase’s core platform capabilities – and always has

For more than 25 years, Hyland, creator of OnBase, has reinvested 15 percent of its annual revenue into research and development, consistently expanding and improving its core platform capabilities: 

By combining multiple capabilities on one highly configurable and scalable platform, OnBase supports an unlimited number of solutions – from industry-specific applications to shared services solutions common across all industries. 

Dedicated teams bring decades of industry experience to the design, implementation, and support of your solutions, providing change management guidance while ensuring a smooth implementation with minimal disruption.  

Whether you’re looking to convert one solution or consolidate several content repositories, OnBase can handle it all. Learn why more than 100 have made the switch. Contact us.