Imaging Services

Optimize your scanning processes

Hyland Software has spent more than 20 years understanding how scanning efficiency affects business processes. It’s significant. 

And we understand that while the benefits of ECM are clear, the mere scanning and indexing processes can be a challenge, especially if there is a constant high volume of documents that are time-sensitive and require collaboration, there is an initial large backfile of documents to import, or new business units that require your scanning resources. 

We currently help hundreds of customers with their scanning needs, many of whom engage us to import millions of documents per year. Our services range from one-time backfile conversions, to ongoing scanning, indexing and delivery, to indexing the documents already scanned. We also help customers convert archives of microfilm or fiche to OnBase documents (or PDF). We can even make documents instantly available through the OnBase Cloud.

Offload your document scanning and import processes to our imaging experts

Our methods ensure your documents will be available in your OnBase system and your other systems when your users expect them. Our indexing consistently eases work and audit processes, and enables automated records management. We also maintain the transaction integrity of your information at the document and page level, including checks, sticky notes and envelopes accompanying documents.

Here are some common industry documents and processes our Imaging Services teams support.

  • Industry-wide-HR documentation including onboarding, reviews, and off-boarding documents, operations documentation including blueprints, and financial documentation, including invoices and checks
  • Finance-Loan applications, contracts and their supporting documents
  • Insurance-New business, underwriting, and claims processing documentation
  • Mortgage-Tax, title and finance forms
  • Healthcare-Supporting documentation for EMRs, including both revenue cycle and clinical documentation
  • Higher Education-Student records from admissions through matriculation and transcript management, as well as operations and accreditation documents
  • Manufacturing-Invoices and shipping documents including bills of lading and PODs
  • Government-Finance and administration, justice and public safety, housing and human services, and planning and public works documents, including large size blueprints

Let us help you get your documents into OnBase, so that your business processes can move forward quickly and efficiently.