Enable business intelligence reporting and cutting-edge ECM integrations quickly and efficiently

If you have implemented ECM in one area of your organization, chances are you have identified additional areas that could benefit from it within a fairly short period of time. You may even have expanded your IT expert resources to accommodate enterprise system development.

But what do you do when ancillary factors overwhelm your existing resources in a time-sensitive project, like an enterprise-wide solution?

Projects like these can uncover complex requirements that are added to the scope as you go, like specific integrations with enterprise systems, or large-scale, front-end scanning needs. Many times you’ll need to develop effecting business intelligence (BI) queries for management reports.

Don’t lose your staff to months of analysis and customization work

These types of projects are highly labor intensive, requiring explicit expertise and accountability. Let us help you. Our support and mentoring approach ensures you and your staff will acquire valuable skills as part of the service.

Imaging Services

We’ve spent 20+ years learning how scanning methods affects business processes. From large backfile conversions to time-sensitive, daily scanning, let us take care of the import and indexing for you.

Custom Solutions and Integration Services

Provide your vendors or customers access to OnBase documents and processes through your web site or our real-time, two-way integrations with systems like Infor Lawson, PeopleSoft®, Ellucian and SAP.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Our reports enable management  to understand how daily process transactions affect their business. These BI reports take an understanding of the OnBase database. Let us help.

Solution Testing Services

We can create an optimal test environment for you, develop and document test plans, or even train your staff. Learn best practices for troubleshooting, upgrades or system expansions.