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Working together with you, we can quickly uncover how individual business processes—and the technology supporting them—affects the overall productivity and profitability of your organization.

Every day we help customers around the globe understand how to strategically plan for the future, and improve business processes with innovative data management models. This provides the capability to stay ahead of the curve with cost-effective, transformational and high-performing solutions—often working with technology they already own.

We offer a broad scale of planning services, from targeted analysis of industry-specific business processes, to deep-dive analysis of enterprise infrastructure and performance. Our expert analysts are experts in enterprise content management in industries including insurance, manufacturing, finance, healthcare and higher education.

Enterprise Planning

In this service we deliver executive level reports, ROI assessments, and an actionable multi-year roadmap that prioritizes areas for improvement in business processes and workflows. The roadmap includes quick win opportunities, program milestones, clearly defined roles, and budget and duration estimates.

Effective enterprise planning ensures you are fully leveraging new or existing technology investments within your organization, and that your enterprise content management solutions evolve ahead of business needs, including evolving security, regulatory or SLA requirements.

Enterprise consultants work with stakeholders─from C-level executives to program managers, sponsors and end users─to identify areas of improvement and business process optimization. We’ll define success criteria, educate you on industry-specific best practices, provide proven recommendations and together, develop a tailored approach for your enterprise technology roadmap.

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Infrastructure Planning

No matter where you are in your journey, we’ll ensure your diverse technology platform is well-positioned for secure, ongoing, optimal performance of your evolving Hyland content management solutions. We work with you before implementation, following go-live, and as you expand the footprint of your data management capabilities and delivery of content services. 

Infrastructure Planning services include:

Capacity and scaling evaluation services

Our engineers work with your technology and business units to analyze resource utilization current states and identify areas to address in order to meet scaling requirements and avoid potential future resource limitations. 

Performance services

We evaluate your infrastructure, database, and solution configurations and provide solution-specific settings to improve performance and stability, including proper database maintenance recommendations. This yields continuing high-performing solutions for customers with solutions of all sizes and complexity.

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High-availability planning and disaster recovery services

We evaluate your enterprise architecture to determine the best methodology for high availability (HA), based on your organization's stated goals of uptime, recovery point, recovery time, and SLAs. Disaster Recovery (DR) roadmaps include tasks, functions, personnel roles, critical timeframes, strategies for backups and recommended testing and review schedules.

Program Management

Plan and manage multi-year, or concurrent enterprise-wide projects with a team of experts who are your perpetual point of contact and trusted advisors for your Hyland enterprise solutions. We’ll advise and assist you in both mapping out short and long-term strategy, and executing effective enterprise content management project delivery.

This service provides visibility into content management and data delivery across enterprise systems. Strategic project management extends to related projects and activities, yielding control and benefits not available from managing projects disparately.