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Whether it’s your first deployment or your twenty-first, the key to a successful delivery is rapid user adoption of your secure, high-performing solution. Look to our Implementation Services teams to implement, upgrade or augment your Hyland content management solutions that meet the exact needs of your users.

Our experts have decades of experience, and mentor your teams as they work side-by-side together. Every day we work with customers to enhance capabilities, leverage data management strategies and optimize integrations and workflows with other enterprise systems. We also provide rapid rollout of point solutions that eliminate complexity and risk for specific, critical business processes.

Our industry experts work with you from the initial discovery phase all the way through to a final, formal deployment sign-off.

Upgrade Services

It’s a good idea to upgrade your Hyland content services solutions to the latest version at least every few years. Not only to take advantage of the usability, performance and security development that accompanies each release, but quite simply, it makes upgrade projects easier.

We also understand that upgrades can be very high profile. When it is time to upgrade, our customers often reach out us to assist.

We work side-by-side with you, sharing methodology honed over 25 years. This not only makes the upgrade process faster and easier, it also reduces risk and promotes your teams’ competence and confidence.

Our experts are certified installers who specialize in upgrades, and understand the best methods for upgrading your enterprise solution. They easily troubleshoot during the upgrade project, minimizing time and risk, including adjustments to integrations and APIs.

Custom Integrations

Our API and integration experts are available at any time to connect your Hyland content management solutions to your existing line-of business systems, providing instant access to the documents and data your users need for time-sensitive, complex business processes.

Every day we build case management solutions for customers that provide real time, two-way integrations for the exchange of documents and data. Our enterprise solution architects use the best methods in WorkView Case Manager and automated workflows for your business processes, integrating with enterprise systems like SAP®, Infor Lawson™, PeopleSoft®, Datatel®, Workday® and Salesforce®.

In fact, between 30% and 40% of the custom solutions we deploy each year are for repeat customers.

It’s all designed to create the user experience that enables people to have what they need, from the systems they are used to using, and in a personalized way that propels them in their work processes to focus on what is important. Not looking for missing information.

We also commonly deliver to many customers self-service web portal solutions that allow their customers and vendors to quickly access documents related to their accounts from a familiar web page, portal or kiosk. These offerings often use E-Forms and document management workflows with custom decisioning components that engage third-party system work for faster transactions and shortened service delivery times.

Our experts understand the OnBase API and the Enterprise Integration Server better than anyone, and can quickly create custom solutions that meet the needs of your business processes.

Contract Management

There is no doubt that effective contract management is a necessary work process whose success is critical for every organization. And its complexity, document management dependencies and evolving requirements make it a burdensome challenge to many of those tasked with its undertaking. Without the right methods—and tools—to manage it, contract management is also a high-risk work process.

Our Contract Management Point Application takes on much of the documentation burden of this legal process, so your experts can focus on the content that truly matters.

Engage our Point Application experts to rapidly deploy this easily configurable solution. It can scale from a simple revision and versioning tool, to an ad-hoc routing workflow, to a complete clause library enabled contract lifecycle solution.

And we get you to the starting line right away with the pre-configured installation that centralizes access to all contract-related information. Built in features include:

  • A clause library to help quickly draft, revise, and publish contracts with pre-approved clauses
  • As users change clauses, those items route through a review process to ensure compliance and legal agreement
  • An intuitive administrative panel puts power into the business users hands to monitor contract progress and easily adjust process flows without requiring IT engagement
  • Rapid deployment time frames and minimal service requirements to install

For those business areas that require tracking of individual clauses, organizations can leverage the Clause Library Management toolset. Legal teams and contract administrators have the power to load individual clauses for use in contract generation. The clause library will prefill approved clauses when users generate contracts.

Part of our Point Application library, we created the Contract Management solution to be a model solution based upon a thorough analysis of customer experience, feedback and industry best practices. It is an excellent starting point that easily builds out to meet your specific, and evolving, business needs.

Implementation Services

Ensure the configuration, implementation and testing of your content management solution stays on time and within budget with Hyland’s Implementation Services.

Our consultants and technical experts are aligned by industry and solution types. They leverage considerable technical experience and industry best practices for best-in-class solutions—including Workflow and WorkView Case Manager solutions—for your employees, customers and leaders within the organization.

Whether you’re beginning with your first Hyland solution or are looking to implement additional capabilities or areas in your enterprise solution, you’ll work directly with our Implementation Services teams from the initial discovery phase through a final, formal deployment sign-off. Our teams also assist with efforts including requirements determination, project scoping, cost estimation and solution design review.

From simple document scanning solutions that provide storage and retrieval, to multi-facility enterprise solutions—we help customers get the right solutions into the hands of those who need them.