Conversion Services | Imaging Services | Database Platform Migration Services

Our teams are here to help you respond to the needs of your evolving business.

Whether you need to need digital file conversion for a warehouse of paper, need to convert existing databases to a Microsoft® or Oracle® platform, or convert terabytes of acquired legacy data onto the your Hyland content services platform, we have the resources, expertise and accountability to help you efficiently move past these hurdles.

Conversion Services

We are seeing an increasing need for our customers to convert large volumes of data from outdated systems to their Hyland platforms. Over the years we’ve helped, conducting hundreds of successful conversions totaling more than 8 billion documents.

Hyland’s Conversion Services can eliminate uncertainty surrounding your file conversion needs. We deliver on-time, predictable and successful projects. Our conversion services range from comprehensive to consulting:

  • Comprehensive: We take complete ownership of every aspect of the file conversion project in this turnkey, fixed-bid service.
  • Transform and Load: The Comprehensive offering with the exception of content extraction; we provide the specifications and your team or a third party provider manages extraction.
  • Export: In this fixed-bid service, we extract legacy files and metadata and you own the task of importing legacy content into OnBase at your own pace.
  • Consulting: Your team learns proven methodologies from a dedicated Hyland analyst over five days.

We deliver on time, predictable file conversion projects that remove the burden of risk for your teams and meet scope, timeline and budgetary needs. 

Imaging Services

If your organization is still depending on paper documents in critical work processes—and dealing with the bottlenecks, lack of visibility and expense associated with paper—you are not alone. Many of our customers experienced a slow start to digital transformation in the beginning, though the benefits and ROI of replacing paper processes with digital ones was never in question.

Sometimes it is simply difficult to see the path to take to get document scanning solutions out of the gate. Whether it’s figuring out staffing for scanning documents, indexing and data management, or capital expenditure budget constraints for equipment, or simply finding the right time to make the change amidst SLAs and high-volumes of daily work that needs to happen without suspension.

We can help you with these real-world challenges, clearing the way for you to see the opportunities available to critical business processes with paper file conversion and digital workflows.

Outsource your one-time or recurrent high-volume document scanning and indexing needs to our Imaging Services teams. We offer services to meet you where you are, and securely deliver your digital documents into the workflows, enterprise solutions and work processes that need them.

Every day we design service levels that meet expectations in terms of delivery, costs and timelines. Our range of service offerings include:

  • courier services
  • expert document scanning and indexing
  • indexing of digital repositorie
  • data management strategies
  • business process outsourcing
  • secure records management
  • imaging support for high-volume times of the year

Imaging services can help you move projects of all scope forward, from one-time projects like backlog scanning, to day-forward business process outsourcing (BPO) for document-heavy, time-sensitive processes—like mailroom, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, human resources, customer correspondence, claims processing or medical records and revenue cycle areas.

Imaging services and our business process outsourcing offerings are designed to keep your transformation journeys moving forward.

Database Platform Migration

You may find at some point in your data management journey that you’ll need to migrate Hyland enterprise solutions from one database platform to another, in order to accommodate growth or business requirements.

Engage our expert database platform migration services teams for this specialized work. Our experts are certified on multiple platforms, including Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server® and Sybase® and are here to help you execute your project securely and effectively.

We know the specific considerations when migrating Hyland solutions from one platform to the other, and have years of real-world experience, training and expertise with a multitude of supporting infrastructure components and hardware.

We offer general consulting services or end-to-end migration services. Our service delivery includes providing documentation of all recommendations and configuration changes we create. When necessary, we also provide a detailed review of data distribution and indexing strategies.