Credit Unions

Stay relevant with technology that cares about your credit union’s values

It’s time for the perception that credit unions are behind the times when it comes to technologically-enabled business processes and member-interactions to change. And that change doesn’t have to come at the cost of your core values.

From a focus on democratic principles and ethics to valuing employees and respecting the environment, OnBase can help your credit union succeed in its commitment to making a difference and creating the fast, accurate and cost-effective business processes that will help you stay competitive.

OnBase helps credit unions with critical data and document management processes while integrating with their core systems.                                                                                                             

OnBase credit union software solutions include:

  • Intelligent capture

  • Configurable workflow technology

  • Real-time tracking and reporting

  • Integration with any core banking system

Here’s how OnBase matches our benefits to your credit union’s values:

  • Complete information and process transparency offers the most accurate and up-to-date data to your staff when assisting members and to your board of directors

  • Compliance despite a challenging regulatory environment keeps your credit union in line with current laws and running smoothly for your members

  • Fast, member-centric service – enough said

  • Higher profit margins are good for your credit union and the security of your members

  • Paper-free processes are environmentally responsible and save your credit union money in supplies and storage