Speed service and revenue with electronic signature software and ECM

Gain efficiencies with electronic signature software

E-signatures provide your customers and members the ability to sign electronic documents from just about anywhere. Automatic emails notify signers when their signatures are required. And with the click of a button, documents are presented for signature from any computer or mobile device.

No more traveling to branches. No more piles of paper.

And when you integrate OnBase with DocuSign, information stored and processed in OnBase is automatically and securely uploaded to DocuSign. Once signatures are completed, the document is automatically returned to OnBase for further processing or to be archived.

The integration also allows users to:

  • Configure signature types and locations from within the OnBase Client
  • Have the flexibility to choose multiple signature types for completion during the signing process
  • Upload documents to DocuSign with options to specify signer information manually or automatically with workflow
  • Check the status of a document to determine if signing has occurred in the DocuSign interface
  • Access an auditable history of the document’s full journey through pre-signing, upload and return to OnBase

Integrating with OnBase also allows you to connect primary applications like your core banking system or loan origination system (LOS) with your documents, allowing employees to find documents and information instantly. You save time and money because you no longer have to manually print and scan copies of documents that your line-of-business systems generate.

Eliminate fraudulent risks with OnBase e-signature solutions

Providing robust security, OnBase eliminates the risk of fraudulent document alteration and guarantees your signed documents remain protected. In addition, efficiently track electronic acknowledgements of documents. That helps you proactively comply with evolving local, state and federal regulations, and makes it easy to prepare for audits.

Reduce the cost and risk of paper-driven processes and increase your business process speed, accuracy and security with the OnBase Integration for DocuSign eSignature.