Is your IT future-proof?

The key to emerging needs and old burdens

A single, future-proof platform for government. But how do you ensure your IT investment will last?

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Code-free configurability

Pick a platform you can configure without the need for custom coding to eliminate the frustration of over-budget projects with long development cycles. Whether you need to modernize and improve business processes or respond to the latest mandate, configurability without code is a key.

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Scalable across your organization

Mandates, new programs, new responsibilities? None of these realities should affect a future-proof platform. With OnBase you can quickly and affordably build small, modular solutions and have confidence that you can start small and scale for all departments and users over time.

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Continually enhanced

Future-proofing means thinking beyond the here and now. Are your current solutions enhanced continually with an in-house development and quality assurance team? Do they receive a major and minor release every year? OnBase offers an unbroken improvement path since 1991.

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Easily upgradeable

Your future relies on easily-upgradeable investments. With OnBase, all your solution components receive simultaneous upgrades, eliminating the challenges of upgrading multiple custom-coded point solutions.

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