Eligibility Determination

With OnBase solutions for eligibility determination, you eliminate paper, helping your agency to easily capture, store, secure and retrieve the critical documents needed to support compliance and program delivery. By automating processes, OnBase allows staff to focus their energy and time on more complex matters of service, referrals and in-person support. Using OnBase, staff securely manage all supporting documentation and can connect  it with case management systems to streamline process. OnBase also automates intake and routing of documents after capturing them, ensuring your agency never loses another document while providing your field staff with access to needed information without carrying paper files.

With OnBase, you automate processes and provide self-service and online access, allowing clients to serve themselves so your staff can focus on work and stop answering the phone. Using OnBase, you capture and secure documents, connect your databases, speed up processes, become mobile and provide better service to your constituents.