Integrated Court Case Management

OnBase, Hyland Software's enterprise content management (ECM) solution suite, quickly captures information, making it immediately available regardless of location or courtroom without the need to copy, print or transport documents. With OnBase, court documents are securely stored in a central repository and automatically connected to your case management system for easy access within case data screens. Whether you use CourtView, Tyler or other court case management systems, OnBase is the content repository, workflow engine and capture partner to connect those investments to the power of a proven document management system.

OnBase also automates processes like records requests, arraignments and warrants, letting staff focus on other tasks and initiatives. With OnBase, you quickly capture and secure documents and connect them with existing IT systems, speeding up processes while improving access to information. Despite reduced budgets and staffing, OnBase lets you continue to deliver justice to the communities you serve, quickly and efficiently.