Transform your review process with OnBase Plan Review

Paper plan sets and disconnected systems create challenges for plan reviewers.  Between phone calls and emails from submitters, searching for information and trying to collaborate with other reviewers, your process can seem like a black hole of time and effort. And, it is one of the most visible processes in your community, inviting headlines and comments.

You can escape the black hole with OnBase Electronic Plan Review, an end-to-end solution that tracks the entire review process and stores every plan version in a single, central ePlan software. With central storage and a single authoritative file, version control and history are easy and real-time collaboration is possible.

But if you’re still working separate plan sets or files, gauging progress by endless emails or spending hours aggregating comments and mark-ups from many reviewers, your plan review process may be a black hole of wasted time.

Centralize collaboration and increase plan review transparency


To eliminate the black hole, you need one solution for submission, process management, collaboration, version control and long-term storage. OnBase by Hyland answers these needs by giving your organization:

  • One central location for all content and plans: OnBase delivers full and secure document management capabilities on a single platform that connects to all your solutions – creating a single repository for information and review-related documents
  • Configurable automation without custom code: OnBase automates plan review and other government processes without costly custom code and services. The automation is easy to configure and expand and uses your review structure as a guide
  • Tools for collaborating, storing and sharing: OnBase supports collaboration on a single file and consolidate all related documents in a central long-term storage location. Once the review is final, easily share final plans with other departments. OnBase manages collaboration and sharing without the worry of having multiple copies or long-term paper storage

OnBase goes beyond local file copies, expensive integration and custom code, with an end-to-end, configurable submission, review, approval and storage processes.