Meritage permitting and OnBase electronic plan review

Many communities are under pressure to create an easy, efficient and fast service delivery for constituents, developers, contractors and business owners. Creating a friendly user experience and an efficient community development process is difficult with different software solutions and paper-based permitting and plan review burdens.

With Meritage Permit Management and ContractorConnect software, you can create a transparent and efficient permitting experience for your staff and for the requestors. And, when plans are submitted, you can connect the permitting data and projects seamlessly with OnBase’s eplan or electronic plan review software. Your submitters can have a seamless, paperless experience from permit and license to plan review and approval.

With Meritage and OnBase working together you have OnBase’s repository for all content, you create process transparency and you preserve all documentation from permits through approved project. Better project management and review happen when all the right data and content can be accessed from one place. Finding engineering studies, photos, plans and other relevant data on a project no longer requires hours of searching through paper files in multiple locations. And, archiving permits, licenses and other documents makes that information available throughout the organization, providing consistent information to involved parties, improving project transparency and creating a historical archive that can be accessed by first responders or future planners.

Meritage permitting and OnBase electronic plan review, tools for efficient and effective community development.